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In the event of a dispute, Loans Case protects you and your loved ones! Thanks to the Legal Protection guarantee, benefit from full support to defend your rights

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In tough times, Loans Case is here to help! In the event of a hard blow, the income maintenance guarantee will allow you to meet your current expenses.Real property is immovable property, such as walls, ceilings,

The insurance guide

Insurance is a contract that allows its beneficiaries to protect themselves in the event of life contingencies. Insurance contracts are, for example, related to the automobile, home or the health of the policyholder.

There are two categories of insurance: optional insurance (this is the case when taking out a loan) and compulsory insurance (this is the case when you own a vehicle).

Find out all the features and information you need to know about the different types of insurance.

Insuring your car: an obligation to be able to travel with your vehicle
Auto insurance: what does the law say?

The 1958 law made automobile insurance compulsory. It requires insuring your car at least with liability insurance, also called third-party insurance by insurers.
It covers material and / or bodily damage caused to others. Example: injury to a pedestrian or a passenger, damage to a parked vehicle.

Auto insurance: what formula?

There are 3 levels of guarantees:

All risks
Third party car insurance

It corresponds to the minimum auto insurance formula which includes civil liability. It covers material or bodily damage caused to others. However, it is often accompanied by basic guarantees such as:

Legal protection
Personal and vehicle assistance in the event of an accident
Driver protection
This formula is suitable for old vehicles (vehicle over 8 years old - excluding vintage cars) or little used.

Third Party + car insurance (also called Intermediate or Extended Third Party)

Intermediate car insurance is chosen according to the condition and age of the vehicle (on average between 5 and 8 years) as well as the usage of the driver. It may include the following guarantees:

Theft and fire guarantees
Glass breakage guarantee
Storms and forces of nature guarantees

Back to back insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the most comprehensive option. We find, in addition to the guarantees that we have in Third Parties and Intermediaries, the damage guarantee for all accidents.
This warranty covers all damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident, regardless of its nature. The owner of the vehicle will be compensated in the event of a claim, regardless of his liability. This level of insurance is strongly recommended for new cars.

Auto insurance: what are the guarantees?

Civil Liability (compulsory)
Broken glass
Juridic protection
Assistance / Troubleshooting
Driver's personal guarantee
Severe weather
Natural and technological disasters and terrorist attacks
Damage all accidents

Auto insurance: what elements will determine its cost?

A price that results from the use of the vehicle and the profile of the driver

The usage criteria:

Number of kilometers traveled
Frequency of use
Place of residence
Parking place
Engine power
Vehicle age

The driver's criteria:

Bonus Malus
Age of permit
Liabilities of the insured
Secondary conductor

In short
Before choosing insurance for your vehicle, it is important to identify the needs and uses you expect to have with your vehicle. The price of your auto insurance will depend on:

the characteristics of your vehicle (age, power),
criteria specific to the driver: experience as well as your driving liabilities
Home insurance: secure your home
Home insurance: what does the law say?

Tenant: an obligation
For any tenant, Law No. 89-462 of July 6, 1989 specifies that he is obliged to insure himself against the risks for which he must respond as a tenant. Home insurance is therefore a prerequisite for access to housing and the lessor can request an annual home insurance certificate. This insurance ensures that the owner is compensated in the event of a claim.

There are, however, a few exceptions:

Furnished rental
Seasonal rental
Staff accommodation

Owner: a strong recommendation
The law, unlike tenants, does not require landlords to purchase home insurance. On the other hand, civil liability, which covers material damage or bodily injury caused to others, is essential.

Multi-risk home insurance will cover the accommodation and material goods of the occupants of the accommodation in the event of fires, water damage, offenses, and other types of claims.

Home insurance: what formula?

The most common formula is the so-called “multi-risk home” formula. It is also the most complete formula because it covers against all the common risks that may arise.

Multi Risk Home Insurance: What elements are covered?

First, multi-risk home insurance includes civil liability:

It therefore protects against bodily injury to occupants of the accommodation in the event of accidents, injuries, etc.
It also protects members of the household and other occupants from material damage and bodily injury caused to third parties.

Secondly, it covers movable and immovable property:

Movable goods are all objects that can be moved: furniture, valuables (jewelry, stereo, etc.) and clothes.
Real property is immovable property, such as walls, ceilings, fireplaces, custom kitchens, piping, etc.